Ambition, the never-ending clichés of "music as inspiration"  and a “travel the world” goal ( funded by more dreams than actual funds ) are the ingredients that drive this early 20 something’s  aspirations and future as a filmmaker. Growing up, skateboarding meant everything. And honestly, it still does. The art of skateboarding, the sport, and the collective notions of freedom hold major significance to my film career. In essence; skating was my introduction to film and editing. Fast-forward, a few concussions later, I found myself majoring in media production at East Carolina University. Now I stand as a college graduate residing in North Jersey, right outside the river to the Center of the Universe.  I’m still skating and still shooting, however, my work more refined while I continuously cultivate my skills. Simplicity, perfection and clean aesthetics inspire me. My enthusiasm and burning passion for the craft make those naughty novels your mother buys at the supermarket jealous. I have a vision and until it comes to fruition, you can find me behind the lens, ever improving, but eternally “humble.”